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This 'Pretty Little Liars' Sneak Peek Drops Major 'A' Clues

Ali is pleading for help in the season six summer premiere of "PLL."

Get ready to see a whole new Ali this season on "Pretty Little Liars." The former Queen Bee has turned over a new leaf in the wake of her friends' kidnapping, and in this sneak peek from the season six premiere, Ali is pleading for help.

"One month ago, my friends were kidnapped by a faceless, nameless coward, the same monster who attacked Mona Vanderwaal and framed us for her murder," Ali tells a group of reporters in a clip from the June 2 episode ("Game On, Charles"). "We now know that Mona is alive, but she is in grave danger, as well as my friends. I am so thankful to be home with my family, but I would do anything to see my friends again. My friends have always been my rock. Without them, I am lost in the woods, totally alone."

"PLL" fans, you're in luck because this sneak peek is loaded with even more clues. We learn that since the Liars' disappearance, Ali has been cleared of her wrongful conviction, and the cops are searching for their #1 suspect Andrew Campbell, who's currently MIA.

Hmm. The last time we saw Andrew, he was listening in on Veronica and Melissa's very private conversation -- even we're not privvy to that information. And given the desperation in Ali's voice, we don't think she knows Andrew's whereabouts either.

"Ali has a lot of anxiety," Sasha Pieterse told MTV News ahead of the season six premiere. "She releases something to the press, and for the first time, you see how frantic and scared she is for her friends. I think all of the emotions she has, that she should have had coming out of jail, are muted because of what's happening with the girls and how scared she is."

"Everything is put on hold," she added, "And there's a lot of interesting dynamics that happen when they try to look for the girls and try to get them out of this terrible place."

For once, Ali isn't putting herself first, and we're super excited to see her fight for her friends when "Pretty Little Liars" returns this summer.