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11 Amazing Sleepover Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Everyone will want to crash at your pad once you start playing these gems.

You know the drill -- it's finally Friday night. The more rebellious, "experimental" teens (or club-going adults) are out killing their brain cells with alcohol and their fat cells with sick dance moves. But you want the opposite of that: you're going to nurture your brain cells with some inspirational cinema, and increase those those adipose fat cells with a pepperoni pizza. In other words, it's sleepover night, b--ches!

However, choosing the perfect sleepover film to please and entertain every member of your party can be a difficult task indeed. Do you go the horror route, for atmosphere? Do you watch that same buddy comedy you've seen a million times, because if it ain't broke why fix it? Do you go experimental, with some film noir?

It's a tough choice indeed, and making the wrong one could put a serious damper on your evening. Lucky for you, MTV News is here to help -- we've culled together the badass, foolproof sleepover night movies that we loved as teens... and that you can rent (or stream!) right freaking now.

  1. "Stand By Me"
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    "Boy or girl, if you're having a movie night in with your friends, you can do no better than 'Stand by Me.' Its coming of age themes of love, loss and friendship are eternal, and when the narrator says 'I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve... Jesus, does anyone?' you'll want to hold on to yours tight and never let go. Shoutout to my friends Audrey and Katie, who I used to watch this with at least once a month but, uh, now rarely ever speak to." -- Shaunna Murphy

  2. "Spice World"
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    "The Spice Girls movie was perfect, because we each took a girl and pretended we were them. It was also prime singalong material." -- Emilee Lindner

  3. "Point Break"
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    "'Point Break' was my go-to sleepover movie because it was the perfect combo of cute guys to drool over with your friends, action/suspense that made you dive down into your sleeping bag, and cheesy humor that everyone would laugh at. Plus, it was always very telling if your friends were Team Swayze or Team Keanu. Vaya Con Dios." -- Christina Beale

  4. "The Breakfast Club"
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    "In addition to this just being a great movie about accepting and celebrating each other for our similarities and differences, it's also a great Friday night sleepover film -- because no matter what, at least you're not spending your Saturday morning in detention. -- Shaunna Murphy

  5. “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants"
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    "I had a group of four best friends growing up. We were all obsessed with the books circa 6th grade and would talk about which character was most like us. I think I was the Tibby of the group. When the movie came out, we watched it multiple times (including the DVD extras) and fan-girled over how hot we thought Kostos was." -- Deepa Lakshmin

  6. "Clue"
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    "When I was in high school my friends and I in the drama club had a sleepover after one of our shows. In the morning, over pancakes, we decided it would be fun to transcribe the movie ‘Clue.’ But rather than having to rewind constantly, we were each assigned a character or two to write down the dialogue and action for… And no, we didn’t figure out how we would cull it together later, because we were all writing the lines down on pads of paper. We gave up halfway through and went outside.” -- Alex Zalben

  7. "Clueless"
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    "I watched 'Clueless' countless times with my pals growing up. I need to justify that? As if!" -- Kase Wickman

  8. "A Nightmare on Elm Street"
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    "You know what's great about watching the OG 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' at a sleepover? That no one will go to sleep, because they'll be too scared. Yay, all-nighter!" -- Shaunna Murphy

  9. "Donnie Darko"
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    "My favorite sleepover movie is 'Donnie Darko' because it’s a little creepy, makes you think and has an awesome ‘80s soundtrack. Also, my crush on Jake Gyllenhaal is eternal." -- Rachel Paoletta

  10. "Labyrinth"
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    "Every time my parents would take me to rent a sleepover movie I’d pick ‘Labyrinth.' My mom eventually pointed out that we’d checked the VHS out so many times that we could’ve owned 20 copies of the flick, and made me stop. But until that sad day my best friend and I were obsessed with dancing the night away with Jim Henson’s puppets and David Bowie’s musical numbers." -- Cory Midgarden

  11. All eight "Harry Potter" movies
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    "Nerds need heroes... I think growing up, life can be scary, but it still won't be anything like dealing with Voldemort." -- Chelsea Lupkin