Not Gonna Lie, The 'Point Break' Remake Looks Spectacular

You're gonna want to watch this so bad it's like acid in your mouth.

Confession: Back when the news came down that "Point Break" was getting remade as a 21st century action flick, we, along with the rest of the world, were skeptical.

A "Point Break" without extreme surfing? A "Point Break" without Patrick Swayze? A "Point Break" that didn't include a screaming, thrashing Keanu Reeves, firing his gun into the air in the ultimate expression of masculine emotional anguish?!

But with the first trailer for the remake now officially online, all skepticism has evaporated, replaced by pure, unadulterated excitement. "Point Break", 2.0, actually looks -- dare we say it? -- amazing.

Check out the trailer below, and read on for a list of reasons why you, too, should get legitimately stoked for the return of Johnny Utah.

  • Luke Bracey is the second coming of Keanu Reeves.

    Every good remake needs a certain sense of continuity with the original film, and here, we get that in Luke Bracey. Close your eyes while watching the trailer, and you'll swear it's Keanu. Open your eyes, and you'll swear it's Keanu in a blonde wig.

  • Edgar Ramirez is not the second coming of Patrick Swayze, fortunately.

    On the flipside, there are some elements of the original "Point Break" that not only can't be duplicated, but where even trying would just be offensive. Patrick Swayze's performance is one of those untouchable things, so it's good to see that Ramirez is taking the role in a different direction and letting the Bodhi of 1991 vaya con Dios, as they say.

  • The action is more extreme.

    Where the original centered pretty much exclusively on surfing (with a teensy bit of skydiving on the side), this "Point Break" wisely ups the ante with snowboarding, dirt biking, cliff diving, parachuting, and base jumping in flying squirrel outfits. Plus, in keeping with the times, all the action has been updated to take place on a global scale.

  • There's not a creepy rubber Ronald Reagan mask in sight.

    There are plenty of things from the 1991 "Point Break" that we're hoping make the jump to this movie, but these nightmare-inducing presidential masks aren't one of them. Shudder.