News Flash: Noel Gallagher Looking For An Oasis?

Although Oasis mastermind Noel Gallagher may be

bored with his band, his Beatles' references and all the rock antics, Berkeley,

Calif., record-store manager Paul Bradshaw certainly isn't.

In fact, he and his customers can't wait for the new import single "All Around

The World" to be released, he said.

"Every time a new single comes out there's excitement," said Bradshaw,

whose Mod Lang record store has sold more than 100 imported-copies of each of

Oasis' CD singles, none of which has been issued by the band's U.S. label Epic.

"Creation Records in the U.K. keeps all the Oasis singles in print, which means

for a store like us, you have a whole selection of singles with non-album


Only days after Gallagher told the Irish Times that he as well as the

rest of the world have become bored with his band of musical troublemakers, the

group announced that their Dec. 14 concert in Manchester, England, will be

broadcast on MTV and BBC Radio One.

What's more, the band -- led by the notorious brothers, Noel and Liam

Gallagher -- also revealed plans to debut the video for "All Around the World"

on Dec. 12 (added to radio playlists this week), a full month before the release

hits British stores. Still, Gallagher told the Times he's looking forward

to some time off.

"I'm bored with Oasis, and I can't wait 'till this tour is over so I can take a

long break," the elder Gallagher brother and composer of most of Oasis' catalog

of melodic pop confessed to the Times over the weekend. The guitarist

-- who at a recent gig filled-in at the mic for brother Liam after the younger

Gallagher complained of a sore throat -- has several months to tarry, as Oasis

remains on the road in the U.K., U.S., Japan and Australia into next March.

"I think everybody's getting a bit bored with Oasis," Noel Gallagher told the

Times. "I know they're getting bored with me and Liam, and the Beatles

influences, and the drug stuff, and all that other bollocks about us. I think

it's time to give it a rest, give the fans some time off from us."

Still Bradshaw said his customers are eagerly anticipating the "All Around the

World" single, which will include the B-side songs "Flashbox," "The Fame" and a

cover of the Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man."

But despite the devotion of Anglophiles such as Bradshaw, Oasis may be

showing signs of wear and tear. On Sunday, the band left the stage after an

audience member threw a bottle at bassist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs.

Although initial press reports claimed the container was plastic, in a

statement released the following day, the band reported it was glass. "The

members of the band, quite rightly, felt under threat of injury and decided

regretfully that they could not continue with the concert," read the band's


After Oasis left the stage, 11 people were arrested for breaching the

peace and other minor offenses related to disorder and vandalism, according to

David Macdonald, a spokesman for the Glasgow Police Department. Of those

arrested, three have already appeared in court; the remaining eight will go

before a judge later this month.

Oasis will play six more sold-out dates in the U.K. before taking a Christmas

holiday. They kick off the American leg of their tour on Jan. 8 with a

performance in Philadelphia. -- Chris Nelson

[Thurs., Dec. 11, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]