How Did Farrah Feel When Sophia Finally Met Simon?

The 'Teen Mom OG' introduced her beau to her five-year-old daughter.

Farrah made the decision to introduce her boyfriend Simon to her mom Debra, but the 23-year-old's beau still had one very important person to meet: her daughter Sophia. During the "Teen Mom OG" finale, F's man traveled to Austin to spend some quality time with his ladylove and become acquainted with her precious mini-me. So how did the Texas transplant feel observing the duo as they got to know each other?

"Watching Simon interact with Sophia, I was nervous...because he hasn't had a child," the entrepreneur reveals in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment" below. "He is very much in his bachelor way of living."

Regardless, the outgoing five-year-old clearly had no problem warming up to her mom's BF.

"Sophia took to Simon right away -- definitely horsing around, kind of being mean to him [which] is a sign of love for Sophia," F explains. "Sophia does tend to act out and be hyper and probably loves someone so much right away, so I was just watching and being cognizant of how their interactions were."

As the couple's relationship progresses and they discuss marriage/settling down, does Farrah think Simon is ready to take on a parenting role? Hear her answer in the clip, then share your thoughts on S-squared coming face-to-face for the first time. And be sure to catch Part 1 of the "Teen Mom OG" reunion on Monday at 10/9c!