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Didn’t Catch Mysteryland This Weekend? Here’s What You Missed

From music to fashion to hula hooping, here are some of the highlights.

This Memorial Day weekend, Mysteryland USA brought the heat to Bethel, New York. The grounds that once hosted Woodstock in 1969 found new life in the chill, groovy dance vibes of Mysteryland.

If you didn't get to go to the festival this weekend, don't sweat it. We've got all the highlights right here:

Porter Robinson Slaying The Main Stage

The 2015 Woodie of the Year award-winning artist Porter Robinson totally killed his set on Day 2 of Mysteryland and MTV News caught up with him just before he took the stage:

His set was filled with amazing visuals, confetti, and magic. For real.

Hula Hooping Heaven

Dance festivals always draw in tons of amazing hoopers, and maybe I'm biased, but I think the ones at Mysteryland were the best.

Just look at that technique!


It takes a lot of coordination. I can barely coordinate my socks in the morning.

GTA Brought The Party

The DJs gave us the inside scoop on their set, which they unsurprisingly destroyed.

Amazing Art

Mysteryland keeps the artsy Woodstock vibes alive, man. The festival delivers a unique experience that's perfectly captured in the whimsical art pieces throughout the festival. Check it out:

So groovy.

Festival Fashion

Rachel Paoletta/MTV
Gavin Alaoen/MTV

As you can see, people were all about pineapples this year.

Until next year, Mysteryland. We're already counting down the days and buying our pineapple outfits.