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Paul Feig Explains Why He Ain't Afraid Of No All-Male 'Ghostbusters' Remake

The "Spy" director has a thing or two to say about "Ghostbusters."

We at MTV News have already stanned like crazy over Paul Feig's upcoming "Ghostbusters" sequel with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig filling in for Bill Murray and co. in the leading roles. We've also expressed our bemusement over the rumored "all-male" remake with Channing Tatum, and even gotten Jones' three little words for everybody who thinks that ladies can't bust ghosts... but until last week at a press day for "Spy" in Los Angeles, we hadn't yet heard Feig's side of the story. And from what we heard, the funnyman ain't sweating it.

"It's a big property, and I staked out my claim with this one that I'm going to do," Feig said. "They're all Ghostbusters and it's great, but all I care about are my four ladies."

Of course Feig also cares about his script -- which he says will make fans happy, because it manages to combine beloved jokes from the original with new bits that the kids'll love.

"You don't want to pretend the other one didn't exist, because I think that's a little too in your face, but you also don't want to be so slavish to the other one," Feig explained. "I think we found a really good balance. Katie Dippold, who is writing the script with me, is just so good, and so good at kind of going, 'these are the things I love.' Well okay, let's do the nods towards that. I think everybody will be very happy."

Sorry, make that "everybody will be happy who isn't a little angry that 'Spy' star Rose Byrne hasn't yet been given a role in 'Ghostbusters.'" But to that, Feig just told us that he wishes he had parts for Byrne... and pretty much every other funny lady in Hollywood.

"The problem is, I've got so many amazing women that I know, and I can't write movies that have enough parts for everybody," Feig concluded. "There's so many women I haven't worked with yet who I'm desperate to work with. I need to keep doing more movies, and more people have to hire these people, and don't leave it to me, because I can only do so many movies. So Hollywood, start hiring these funny women and giving them movies, please."