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Is A$AP Rocky Collaborating With Ksubi?

Back in March, Complex released their cover story with A$AP Rocky, following a day in the life of the Harlem MC. They shadow him in the studio, at his home, and at a mysterious "corporate fashion meeting" with a brand they were not at liberty to disclose. When the issue came out, we guessed that the unnamed brand might be Ksubi, and Australian denim label that Rocky's been a fan of for years. Since then, he released his At.Long.Last.A$AP. album Tuesday (June 26)—one week early—celebrating with a New York City listening party. And what did the Fashion Killa wear to said party?

Ksubi, of course.

It's already confirmed that Rocky is releasing some sort of denim collection; it's just not public knowledge which "iconic denim brand" will be the other half of this collab. MTV News reached out to Ksubi for information about his listening party ensemble, and while the brand credits this as a vintage "Kustom" piece made for Rocky a while back, we're still not giving up hope (or letting go of this theory) that we'll see Ksubi x A$AP designs in the near future.

Enter those elaborate Instagram updates/digital art installation that lost him 100,000 followers. Those two red plus signs in boxes are—wait for it—the Ksubi logo, a fact the brand itself acknowledged on its own Instagram immediately after the images hit Rocky's.

Nothing is confirmed, but given the above, Ksubi x A$AP seems more likely than ever. Stay tuned to MTV News as more details unfold.