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Hillary Clinton Acknowledges Her Iconic Fashion Sense With A 'Pantsuit Tee'

Few presidential nominees can say they have a signature look before they even hit the White House, but Hillary Clinton isn't like her peers. For one, the Democratic hopeful has already lived inside of America's most iconic mansion—and, when she did, she didn't dress the traditional part. Instead, Hillary has aligned herself with the power suit—her Twitter bio even states "pantsuit aficionado." Thanks to Hillary and a handful of celebrities in her wake—hi, Lorde—the pantsuit has been trending in recent years.

Not everyone has one laying around, though, so Hillary has created an easy solution for her supporters that want to show their allegiance through their clothes. "The Everyday Pantsuit Tee" not only proves Hillary's sense of humor is on point (once again), but it's also a badass feminist answer to the old-time jokey tuxedo tees.

Another reason to feel good about the $30 tee? All of them are proudly made in the United States and printed by Union workers, a fact highlighted by the website.

Just FYI, this shirt is sold "pantsuit bottoms not included," which means your pairing options are unlimited.