These Are The People Who Will Make You 'Scream'

Meet the cast and characters of MTV's brand-new slasher series!

MTV's adaptation of the famous "Scream" franchise may not star Neve Campbell or Drew Barrymore, but if its trailer is any indication, the small-screen version promises to bring edge-of-your-seat chills.

When the small town of Lakewood is rocked by the brutal murder of Nina Patterson (played by Bella Thorne in a throwback to Barrymore's role), a YouTube video goes viral, and a group of teenagers are faced with the realization that Nina's sudden death may be connected to another gruesome murder that occurred two decades prior. Can these high school students get to the bottom of the town's troubled past before more lives are lost?

Get to know the cast and characters of the highly anticipated slasher series, and catch the premiere in all its gruesome glory on Tuesday, June 30 at 10/9c!

  • Emma Duval, played by Willa Fitzgerald
    Eliza Morse

    A classic beauty with a subtle shyness and intellectual nature, Emma finds herself estranged from her childhood BFF Audrey when she befriends the popular crowd at Lakewood High School. Emma quickly realizes that her mother (played by Tracy Middendorf) isn't the only person in her life who is hiding a disturbing, and possibly deadly, secret.

    Willa hails from Nashville and has starred in numerous stage productions, along with recurring television roles in Amazon's "Alpha House" and USA Network's "Royal Pains."

  • Audrey Jensen, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus
    Eliza Morse

    The daughter of a Lutheran pastor, Audrey is Emma's ex-best friend and an artsy loner with aspirations to be a filmmaker.

    An Atlanta native, Bex excelled in both acting and athletics throughout high school before moving to Los Angeles to begin her professional acting career; she eventually landed roles on CW's "Arrow" and Showtime's "House of Lies."

  • Noah Foster, played by John Karna
    Eliza Morse

    Creative computer genius Noah is best friends with Audrey. Noah has a fierce penchant for pop culture and a vast knowledge of the tech world.

    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, John studied musical theater at the University of Oklahoma before appearing in a variety of television series including "Modern Family" and "Law & Order: SVU."

  • Will Belmont, played by Connor Weil
    Eliza Morse

    Will is Emma's adoring boyfriend and a popular Lakewood High basketball player.

    Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Connor's acting credits include the films "McFarland" and "Sharknado." In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, fishing, playing the guitar and writing music.

  • Brooke Maddox, played by Carlson Young
    Eliza Morse

    Bubbly queen bee and socialite Brooke is the charismatic leader of the "in" crowd and fluctuates between having a sugary-sweet personality and undeniable sex appeal.

    A Fort Worth, Texas, native, Carlson has guest-starred on television shows "Pretty Little Liars," "True Blood" and "Key and Peele." When she's not acting, she can be found studying creative writing at the University of Southern California and cuddling with her cat Francis.

  • Kieran Wilcox, played by Amadeus Serafini
    Eliza Morse

    The son of Lakewood Sheriff Clark Hudson, Kieran is a mysterious new kid in town with a seemingly dark side and tough exterior.

    Before joining the cast of "Scream," Amadeus starred as the lead in the short film "Smoke." The California native is fluent in French and well-versed in Italian.