Brian Bowen Smith

Listen To Jason Derulo's Everything Is 4 A Week Early

Derulo is streaming his fourth album on

Jason Derulo is streaming his full album a week before its official release. You can listen to Everything is 4 now on until June 1.

The album, out June 2, features Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban on the country-tinged "Broke," and also pulls in Meghan Trainor, Jennifer Lopez, Matoma and Julia Michaels. Everything Is 4 begins with the incredibly catchy "Want To Want Me" and dives into similarly sex-charged tunes with Derulo's signature hooks.

“There is a portion of the album that has that ’80s vibe, but there are some slower records that are for the bedroom,” Derulo told MTV News earlier this month. “There’s a lot of different faces.”

Everything is 4 is Derulo's fourth LP, but the number is more significant than just that; he says 4 symbolizes a good base. "Four is a number that follows us around, you got four legs on a table, a chair, representing a strong foundation," he said.