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14 People Who Believe In Love Again Thanks To Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

Love is back, y'all.

If you take the emotions expressed by Twitter users at face value, then the Internet officially cares more about the recent break between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield than famine, poverty, the drought in California, and their own parents' divorce combined. It's hard out there for people who just want to believe in the love between two beautiful, talented and successful people, you know?

Well lucky for the lovesick GarfiStone (Emdrew?) nation, the couple appears to have gotten back together: over the Memorial Day weekend, Stone and Garfield were spotted at Cafe Gratitude in Venice, a Ralph's grocery store parking lot, and the Pacific Ocean together:

See?! He even shaved his beard! MTV News reached out to reps for Stone and Garfield for comment to confirm if love was real again, but had not heard back by press time. At least for these 14 ecstatic Twitter folks, though, true love is officially back in style.

  1. Congratulations!
  2. Preach, sister.
  3. We can ALL believe.
  4. Guys love 'em too!
  5. All-caps style true love.
  6. You gotta have faith.
  7. Sometimes they come back.
  8. Celebrate good times. Come on.
  9. MOM. DAD.
  10. Double date time, maybe?
  11. Crying all the tears.
  12. Go back to where you came from, Satan.
  14. Maybe "okay" can be their always.