Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kimye's Anniversary Present To The World: Tongue

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gave everyone a French kiss to celebrate their first year of marriage.

As of Sunday (May 24), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- collectively referred to as Kimye -- have been married for a full calendar year.

To celebrate their first anniversary, Kim did what Kim does and Instagrammed a whole slew of selfies with Kanye. And since the pair had hit Paris for part of this oh-so-special occasion, it must've seemed only fitting for one of those celebratory snaps to fit in with the French theme.

And, oh, it did.

Kimmy capped off her anniversary album additions with this shot of the two making out with tongue. Because ... why not? We guess?

While it was by far the most intimate of the bunch, the pic was far from the only smoochy shot Kim shared this week during her Eurotrip with Kanye.

There was also this one of them in a Cinderella-esque carriage, which she titled "Fairytale" because obviously.

Plus this cheeky one which she captioned, "Forever."

And, finally, this no-tongue variation on the original which somehow doesn't stick out, so to speak, as much as the French version.

Well, you know what they say. Paris is for lovers.

Happy anniversary K and K! You keep doing you.