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Lily Collins And Jamie Campbell Bower Reunited And OMG We Can't Handle All The Cute

The 'Mortal Instruments' pair wants you to know they're back together.

Jamily fans, brace yourselves. Because Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower have reunited in the most adorable way ever. Ever.

And what's even better is they clearly wanted everyone to know about it so they took us all along for a pictorial journey through their little day of romantic rekindling by way of their social media pages. Yes, really. And now we seriously cannot even.

Because for a minute there, it seemed like our "Mortal Instruments" on-screen-to-off-screen loves were history. But as of this weekend, they are obviously together again and ready to share all their lovey-doving with the entire (internet) world.

Let's start from the beginning. On Sunday (May 24), Lily started with this eyebrow-raising picture on her Instagram feed, with the caption "Some things strike a chord so strong..."

And it was (a) immediately recognizable as JCB because of the distinctive finger tat which he showed off on his Tumblr two years back and (b) completely gushy and gave everyone INSTANT feels and jumpy claps.

Then she posted a shot of the other hand (with another Tumblr famous tattoo), writing "That they leave a constant melody playing in your head..."

Put together that's: "Some things strike a chord so strong/That they leave a constant melody playing in your head." Which means they were possibly making beautiful music together and dear gracious we want to hear it.

And then they followed up with this one-two punch of cute coupley selfie action fit with matching hairdos. We can't make this stuff up. (Note: If you sleuth in real close on the sunglasses, they totally look like they're holding hands which ... OMGOMGOMGOMG).

To top it off, they then went and made matching shoe picture posts of themselves "Making tracks" together. Because awwwwwwwwwww.

Guys. GUYS. For the big finale, Lily finished up all the sweetness with this image, captioned "I spy with my lil eye. Looking at life through a new lens..."

Keeling ... Thunk ... Dead.

As Bower himself wrote on Twitter during all the cute, "When it strikes it sparks."

Wethinks it's true lurve (again)!