11 Stages Of Being A Fan At A J. Cole Concert

Jermaine reigned in the rain.

SHAKOPEE, Minnesota -- J. Cole knows how to put on a thunderous show.

On Sunday (May 24), he proved it once again at Shakopee, Minnesota during this year's Soundset Festival. And MTV News was there to see Cole connect with the crowd at Canterbury Park.

Not even tough weather conditions could hold Cole’s fans back from their excitement. And they weren’t afraid to show it, proving that emotions were pouring as freely as the Minnesota rain on this festival day. Here's a look at how fans reacted during Jermaine's spectacular set.

  1. When 'Nobody’s Perfect' Comes On
    Andres Tardio

    But you know J. Cole's perfect for you.

  2. When Your Girl's Favorite Song Is 'Puppy Love'
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And you don't mind putting her on your shoulders.

  3. When 'A Tale Of 2 Citiez' Kicks Off
    Andres Tardio

    You put your 'hands-in-the-air!'

  4. When 'Fire Squad' Strikes
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And you tell your boy that "We all kings."

  5. When 'St Tropez' Plays
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    You just have to film J. Cole singing his heart out.

  6. When Cole Does 'Lights Please'
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And you know every single word.

  7. When You Hear 'Crooked Smile'
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And can't help but smile.

  8. When 'G.O.M.D.' Drops
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And your squad completely loses it.

  9. When J. Cole Raps About His Mom On 'Apparently'
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And you think about how cool your mom is too.

  10. When You Hear 'Can’t Get Enough'
    Andres Tardio/MTV

    And you really can't get enough.

  11. When Cole Does 'No Role Modelz'

    And you realize Jermaine just killed it.

Thanks for a great show, Cole. As you can see, your fans at Soundset loved every minute of it.

Andres Tardio/MTV