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What's The 'Best' Part About Being Taylor Swift's Best Friend?

Taylor's got talent.

There are a lot of perks to being a part of Taylor Swift's womentourage -- not the least of which is being hand-selected for one of the most badass scenes in the year's most-fussed music video (speaking of which, how many times have you watched "Bad Blood" now?).

As a refresher:

And according to Karlie Kloss, who's been one of Taylor's go-to girls for a while now, the best part about being a Swiftsister is her loyalty, yes ... but also her mad kitchen skillz. Because apparently T knows her way around an oven.


Speaking to Glamour Paris for an Instagram Q and A on Thursday (May 21), Kloss said of her multi-plantinum pal, "Taylor is an incredible friend. She's fiercely loyal. And she's an amazing chef as well, so that's probably the best part."

Now the question is: How do we get our hands on some of the Swiftmeister's culinary creations and what does she make? We are imagining some elaborate pastry spreads with cheese and wine and a whole lotta laughter, and now WE WANT IN SO BAD, PLEASE.

As a teaser, Taylor did once give us all the low-down on how her lady hangout sessions tend to go: "Sometimes we organise themed nights. We all agree to make nice Shirley Temple cocktails."

Sigh. The envy struggle is real.