A Spider-Man Impersonator Knocked Himself Out Cold At A Kid's Birthday Party, And Of Course There's Video

Superhero splat.

Quick, somebody get Gwen Stacy on the phone! Oh, wait.

This children's birthday party got quite a spidey-shock when its for-hire Spider-Man impersonator faced his greatest foe of all time: his own boneheaded clumsiness.

Yep, the poor dude had a good thing going with all his trick flips and wall maneuvers at first. But then he suffered one little mis-step and went out like a light.


And, naturally, it was all caught on video for your amusement. Ouch! But, hey, at least he was wearing a mask. So, there's that.

Cruelly (but also cleverly), the video's uploader captioned this one, "Dr. Octopus failed, Vemon failed, Hobgoblin failed, Sandman failed, and he just knocked himself out in a birthday party in Argentina."

Note: In Argentina, where this slippery incident took place, Spider-Man is called El Sorprendente Hombre-Araña. There. A little bit of lessonry to accompany the mindless chuckling.