23 Photos That Prove Mysteryland Is Festival Heaven On Earth

BRB, buying my ticket for next year's festival.

Oh, Mysteryland USA, how utterly magical and blissful you are.

Thousands upon thousands of festival-goers have descended upon Bethel Woods, New York, for a weekend of dancing, raging, hula hooping, and onesie-wearing. And because so much amazingness is happening in one place, it’s only natural that lucky attendees would grab up their bragging rights and flood Twitter and Instagram with some seriously FOMO-inducing pics and comments.

Here are some of the best highlights from Mysterylanders on the ground:

  1. Of course there’s the awesome music.
  2. And everyone’s ready to dance.
  3. Coachella has nothing on this fierce festival fashion.
  4. Please note the hot trends (yay, onesies!).
  5. There are lots of girls having rad, quality BFF time.
  6. But there are a lot of dudes bro’ing out, too.
  7. It's also an ideal place to bring bae.
  8. This ride looks like THE. BEST.
  9. The main stage looks flawless in any filter.
  10. But it’s after the sun goes down when the scenery really makes your jaw drop.
  11. Nighttime = hoop time.
  12. File this giant colorful cat under “yet another awesome Mysteryland mystery.”
  13. Same with this giant bear.
  14. There’s good vibes all around.
  15. And people are just straight-up chillin’.
  16. Sure, the campgrounds are kinda crowded.
  17. But that’s where you meet all your new friends.
  18. The hottest accessories? Bracelets on bracelets on bracelets.
  19. Seriously, arm kandi is a necessity.
  20. But decking yourself out in heaps of ML swag is cool, too.
  21. The signs are perfectly strange and hilarious.
  22. There’s a lot of weirdness everywhere.
  23. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.