Gavin Alaoen/MTV

Pineapples And Cats Basically Took Over Mysteryland

BOW DOWN TO YOUR FELINE AND FRUITY OVERLORDS. Or, like, wear a shirt with a pineapple on it.

It doesn't take a super sleuth to know that one of the best parts of Mysteryland -- or any festival -- is the fashion.

Trend: Pineapples

Yes, there were kooky costumes, furry boots and kandi clad ravers, but the top trend at Mysteryland this year? Pineapples. Maybe people were inspired by the giant pineapple tent at the festival? Just sayin'. Let's see who rocked this look:

  • Jessica, a Hawaii-born-Brooklyn-transplant, brought the aloha spirit with her look...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ...She called it "Pineapple Pleasure."

  • Rob romped around in these pineapple spandex tights and a shirt that said 'Pineapple Gang'...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ...He called his look "Boat Swag."

  • Then there was Nicolas...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ...He was like, the happiest human pineapple.

  • Chelsea and Zach came up from Queens to flaunt their pineapple flair...
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    ...They called their look "Pineapple Express."

  • Oh yeah, and here I am, with a pineapple iphone case...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ...I'd call my look pineapple emoji hippie.

Trend: It's A Zoo Out There

The animals were out to play this year. Festival goers brought their fiercest, fluffiest looks to the scene. Check 'em out:

  • Amann and Eve brought some edge to this ensemble...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ...They called their look "spooky but playful" and "accessible but otherworldly."

  • Matt from Poughkeepsie was posted in a field with this inflatable pool toy...
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    ...he called his look "Inflatable Silliness." Major props.

  • Then there was taco cat...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ...just purrfect.

  • Rhiannon, Danielle and Mikey were the epitome of #SquadGoals...
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    ...They call their look the "Galaxy Wolves."

  • Christopher, Rebecca, Krystal and Igor brought the Poképower...
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    ...Rebecca said their look was "Independent." Salute, girl.

  • Amy was basically a mermaid from Brooklyn...
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    ..."I just went with it," she said of her look.

  • And finally, Casey, Andrea and John kept the Woodstock vibes alive.
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Totally bohemian, and with a cool beanie to boot.