Dillon Francis Wants To Bring Woodstock To Mysteryland

Blast from the past.

Summer music festivals may be all the rage now, but it's really nothing new.

Depending on your age, there's a chance that your parents (or your grandparents), attended Woodstock back in 1969. And if you want a feel of that magic that they felt, then this weekend's Mysteryland is for you, because the music festival is being held in Bethel Woods, New York -- on that same grounds that Woodstock was held 46 years ago.

That little history lesson isn't lost on Dillon Francis, who was influenced by Joe McDonald's classic Woodstock performance when he recorded "What's That Spell" with TGR from his 2014 Money Sucks, Friends Rule LP.

In his original performance, McDonald encouraged his 1969 crowd to spell out the F-word in protest of the Vietnam war.

"The idea that we took it from is from Woodstock, which is the one where we spell the F-word," Francis told MTV News. "That's where TGR showed me the YouTube video [of McDonald's performance] and I was like we have to do this."

Francis will take the Mysteryland main stage on Sunday, and he's really pumped to be performing on such hallowed grounds and we have a feeling that "What's That Spell" is going to be big hit this weekend.

"It was really cool to be like, Alright cool, I'm at Woodstock, I get to do something that kind of goes back to the original," he said.