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Watch Biggie Record One Of His Most Epic Tracks In Never Before Seen Footage

This is a great flashback.

There's a reason the Notorious B.I.G. is seen as one of the greatest rappers of all time. The late icon, who would have turned 43-years-old yesterday (May 21), has many classic songs in his famed discography. But one that often stands out is "Hypnotize."

The song, which is Big's daughter T'yanna's favorite by him, is still as hypnotic today as it was when it dropped in 1997. So imagine how we felt when we saw never-before seen footage of Biggie recording the track on Diddy's Instagram page on Friday, May 22. The clip is short, but awesome nonetheless.

"Good morning," Diddy wrote in the post's caption. "Watch never-seen-before studio footage of the night we did 'Hypnotize!'"

Puff, who was a producer and writer on the track, also appeared in its epic music video. It featured everything you could ask for from an action movie.

  • We Saw Big And Puff Celebrate With Flashy Ways
    Bad Boy
  • Racing On An Ill Boat
    Bad Boy
  • Getting Chased By Helicopters
    Bad Boy
  • And There Was 'Furious 7' Type Action
    Bad Boy
  • But In The End, Big Escaped Trouble (And Had Real Life Mermaids)
    Bad Boy
  • Check Out The Full Movie, I Mean Video, Below

See? Years after his passing, Biggie's still hypnotizing the world.