35 Reasons Why 'The Shining' Still Makes Us Scream Forever

Heeeeeere's scary!

Thirty-five years after its release in 1980, Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is still considered by many to be one of the scariest movies ever made.

Why? Because it packs more scary stuff into a single movie than most horror franchises can cram into five separate films. From spooky hallways to creepy twins to Jack Nicholson's wildly flexible eyebrows, the scares of "The Shining" are enormous in number and wildly diverse in kind. And today, in honor of the movie's 35-year anniversary, we're listing out its 35 most potent horrors, beginning with...

  1. Being alone in a huge, empty room.
  2. Hedge mazes.
  3. Awkward hugs.
  4. Evil nodding.
  5. Ominous sweaters.
  6. Ugly carpets.
  7. Danny's finger voice.
  8. People living inside other people's mouths.
  9. Creepy twins in matching dresses.
  10. Creepy twins in matching dresses in a room with scary tacky wood paneling.
  11. Creepy twins in matching dresses who SPEAK IN UNISON OH DEAR GOD.
  12. Bathroom attendants.
  13. Bathroom attendants who seem to know you.
  14. Mouth breathing.
  15. Bowl cuts.
  16. A tiny TV that only gets one channel.
  18. Seeing Jack Nicholson's whole entire eyeball.
  19. The part where all work and no play makes Jack something something.
  20. Shelley Duvall's scared face.
  21. Shelley Duvall's other scared face.
  22. The way his mouth says "darling," but his eyes say, "I'm going to peel your skin like a banana."
  23. The way this is exactly me when someone bothers me at work.
  24. The name "Lloyd."
  25. Blood-soaked ghost partygoers in the elevator.
  26. A waterfall of blood in the hotel hallway.
  27. The part where nobody ever goes back to pick up those damn pie pans.
  28. Scary words written in reverse.
  29. Uncontrollable twitching.
  30. Whatever the hell is going on here.
  31. Unflattering angles.
  32. Nursery rhymes. GAH.
  33. Johnny Carson references.
  34. Fleeing through the snow at night from your ax-wielding psychodad.
  35. Human popsicles.