20 'Braveheart'-Approved Ways To Celebrate FREEEEEDOOOOOM

You may take our lives, but you'll never take our... well, you know.

Exactly twenty years ago, on May 24, 1995, "Braveheart" crushed the box office with sheer, thundering brute force -- much like a ball-and-chain wielded by a Scottish hero on horseback might crush the face of a tyrant lord who totally got what was coming to him.

On that day, thanks to Mel Gibson and his portrayal of legendary warrior William Wallace, we all learned the importance of freedom. And on this day, the movie's 20-year anniversary, we're looking back at all the ways "Braveheart" taught us to claim it, own it, and celebrate it.

  1. Paint your face, for freedom.
  2. Wipe your nose, for freedom.
  3. Show your butt, for freedom!
  4. Demonstrate your commitment to freedom by waving your naked junk at authority figures.
  5. Toss a rock for freedom.
  6. Throw a sword for freedom!
  7. Become a meme for freedom.
  8. Ask your crush if she's free(dom) on Saturday.
  9. Freely frolic in the forest. For freedom.
  10. Go free(dom)-ballin' in a traditional Scottish tartan.
  11. Embrace the valar morghulis brand of freedom.
  12. Make a rousing speech about (you guessed it) freedom.
  13. Exercise the freedom to assemble.
  14. Slaughter every last evil dude who wants to take your freedom.
  15. Free(dom) some blood from the tyranny of being trapped inside someone else's body.
  16. Light a freedom fire.
  17. Free(dom) the nipple!
  18. Set grandpa free(dom) from his nursing home.
  19. When you're having a conversation, always make sure you bring the subject back around to freedom.
  20. And when you come to the end, and someone asks if you have any last words? Dude. You know what to do.