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Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Wardrobe Included $13K In Latex From An L.A. Sex Shop

That's a lot of latex.

From the cast to the explosions, Taylor Swift pulled out all the stops for her girl gang video for "Bad Blood." As we've already discussed, the outfits were no exception. We could—and, um, kinda did—watch 'em on repeat all day.

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Now, we have a better idea of where they came from. While designers like Atsuko Kudo have been popularizing latex as a material, Taylor and her team, according to Page Six, turned to an L.A. sex shop for the "Bad Blood" wardrobe.

According to the report, The Stockroom lent $13,000 worth of clothing to the team, including pieces for Taylor and her (temporary) arch-nemesis, Selena Gomez. If you're in the market for some latex clothing—getting a jump on your Halloween costume, maybe?—you can get Selena's latex blouse for a cool $360.

Sure, it's a steep price for a shirt, but a small cost to pay to achieve the same level of Gomez's badassery, right?