Scrabble Just Added 6,000 New Words, Most Of Which Are Ridic

Augh, this list is so stupid.

Thanx for destroying the English language, Scrabble. As if scoring a 419 by pulling the letters for "quizzify" on the first move isn't impossible enough, a bunch of people are mad that the word game just added more than 6,000 not words to the pile.

Here are the most ridic words in the first update of the Scrabble word list since 2011:

Also added: Shizzle, obvs, ridic, ixnay, onesie, devo, podiumed, vape, shootie, waah, yeesh, eew, dench, geocache, checkbox, tunage, sexting, pwn, tweep, grr, showrooming, warbot, twerking, wuz, hacktivist and, of course, augh.

It's not going over well.