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Sam Smith Now Sleeps On A Flying Bed -- Kind Of

Sooooo dreamy.

You know how in old fairytales and whatever a child falls ill and is confined to bed -- where s/he still manages to go on some kind of miraculous trip to Narnia or Oz or somewhere that's totally NOT a fever dream portending death?

Seems like after bashing up his vocal cords, Sam Smith has been going on all sorts of magical journeys. First, he received a bonafide Harry Potter wand on his 23rd birthday -- and, now, he has a bed that looks JUST LIKE the one in the musical 1971 classic, "Bedknobs and Broomsticks."

"I just bought a bed because it's identical to this..." Smith wrote on Instagram.

Now, my recollection of this film is extremely vague -- basically just something about a magical bedknob (not an innuendo) and "Portobello Road" where you can buy "anything and everything a chap can unload." I'm pretty sure there was also a girl all decked out in jewels and whatever and an older woman clucking at her that she looked like the "Queen of Sheba," which was confusing at the time because I was pretty sure Sheba was cat food.

Long story short(er) -- my recollection is hazy. HOWEVER, the Internet informs me that the film is about some kids who are evacuated to London in the '40s, where they end up living with a reclusive witch who wants to use her magic to end WWII. There's also a magical bed that flies.

So, yeah, Sam, we can understand why you'd want to be part of that world. NOW, what other magical realms are you going to delve into while you continue to the march out of convalescence?