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It's The End Of An Era For 'Pretty Little Liars' As Iconic Sets Get Torn Down

We're feeling very emotional rn.

The pretty little lairs of "Pretty Little Liars" are no more as production of season six speeds to the finish line.

Going into its sixth season, the "PLL" Powers That Be have teased a more streamlined half-season. The episode count has been cut -- from 12 to 10 -- and now, it appears the show is saying goodbye to some of its most iconic sets: the Liars' bedrooms.

"Sorry @lucyhale yours is the only bedroom left," Troian Bellisario (Spencer) posted on Instagram yesterday (May 21). "So I'm napping on arias bed."

Wait. They're all gone? Just like that?! We'll never see Hanna's chic wallpaper ever again? Or take a seat by Emily's window nook? Or look at all of Spencer's academic achievements? This is a sad day, "PLL" fans. Of course, we knew it was coming.

"Wow. Nobody told me we were shooting the last scene we would ever shoot in my bedroom," Bellisario posted on Instagram last week. "I ran back and it was already half gone. I've loved this room. Slept in this room. Cried and laughed. Goodbye and thanks for the 6 years of insanity."

"Pretty Little Liars" is currently filming the first half of season six, which means they have to wrap up all of the Liars' high school story lines in these final 10 episodes before the time jump. You don't need to have watched every single episode of "PLL" to know that's a near-impossible task.

As we've previously reported, the second half of season six will pick up four years later -- where the Liars will presumably have fancy new bedroom sets. Of course, they won't be nearly as perfect as their childhood bedrooms -- 'cuz ~memories~ -- but we're sure the wallpaper will be just as nice.