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Beanie Sigel Says A Jay Z Roc La Familia Reunion's 'Gotta Happen'

Beans explains why the reunion needs to go down.

Jay Z’s back-to-back “B-Sides” shows, which took place over the weekend, featured an unbelievable reconciliation between Jigga and Beanie Sigel.

Beanie, who had a falling out with Jay years ago, spoke with Philadelphia's 107.9 on Thursday about their reunion. "Life pulls you in different directions," Beans said. "The other day, it was like nothing ever changed. Everybody was happy, smiling, joking…It was normal."

Other Roc-A-Fella family members -- Freeway, Young Chris, Neef Buck, and Memphis Bleek -- also joined Jay onstage for those Tidal-sponsored shows. So, could this be the start of something greater for Roc La Familia?

"I don’t want to spoil it,” Beans said. “The reaction from the public, from the people, whether we on the same page or not, the public want that. After giving them that for two days and the reaction from it is undeniable, it's gotta happen."

We know that Beanie isn't the only one who thinks this has to happen. Freeway also commented on the experience during an interview this week with BET. “Hopefully, we get some more in, and hopefully this is the relaunch of a Dynasty,” he said. “Hopefully. [laughs] I’m pushin’ for it!”

A full-fledged Roc-A-Fella reunion tour would be pretty awesome, right? Looks like we're at least a little closer to seeing that happen.

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