Gwyneth Paltrow Got Trapped In Mid-Air And Played It Off Like A Boss

Goop was (sorta) flying high.

Gwyneth Paltrow was this close to pulling off one badass "Divergent"-style zip-line entry to put them all to shame at tonight (May 21)'s Red Nose Day fundraiser.

This close.

But the Goopster hit a snag halfway down.

Even though she did her part and successfully slinked down a super narrow precipice from the roof -- from THE ROOF, guys -- and she was in ridiculously high heels the whole, her harness had some kind of hiccup hissy fit mid-air and left her strung up like a GOOP bean with no rescue in sight.

But was she scared? Heck to the no. GwynniePal handled the sitch like a true performer and went right on with the show, even offering a little "I think we pulled it off" banter exchange with host Seth Rogen after whipping out her lines from the next set.

Dauntless, wethinks you have a new initiate on the rise.