Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kellan Lutz Just Got 'Completely Naked' On National Television

Kellan put his best assets forward for a good cause — what a hero!

Here we thought Kellan Lutz's undies campaign circa 2010 was the most revealing (read: jaw-dropping) glimpse we'd ever get of his... well...area that rhymes with his last name.

But the "Expendables 3" star had a very good excuse for slipping off those signature CK skivvies tonight (May 21): for NBC's Red Nose Day, which raises money for children in need.

Because dropping trough for charity is totally legit, right? Right.

"I am completely naked except for some socks because my feet get cold," Lutz said from behind the safety of a neck-high barrier during the televised event. "I’m actually wearing three socks so that everything stays nice and cozy."


The idea was that Lutz would be lifted up, inch by inch, from his little coverall to expose his warm form where everyone could see it. But alas, by the time the commercial break ended, he was already at the ceiling, way out of sight (except for those socks).