Neil P. Mockford/Getty Images

Hear Little Mix’s Bewitching New Single ‘Black Magic’

Let these four British babes put you under their spell.

Our worlds have been hella weird this week, thanks to Mercury being in retrograde YET AGAIN. But now there’s a new source of sorcery that’s making our heads spin — Little Mix’s brand spankin’ new single, “Black Magic.”

The British girl group has been hard at work on their highly anticipated third album — the follow-up to 2013’s Salute — and now we finally have a taste of what to expect. “Black Magic” is an uptempo jam featuring summery vibes and bewitching lyrics about putting the guy of your dreams under a love spell.

“Take a sip of my secret potion/I’ll make you fall in love/For a spell that can’t be broken/One drop should be enough. Boy, you to belong to me/I got the recipe/And it’s called black magic,” the girls sing against a peppy, retro beat.

In a video posted on Twitter, the girls revealed the single is all about empowering women to live confidently.

“So the message of ‘Black Magic’ is, basically, we are the girls with the secret potion and we’re going to give it to all the other girls that want to get the man they want to get,” Leigh-Anne Pinnock said.

Unfortunately, there’s no *actual* potion — though it’s tempting to imagine the real reason Zayn Malik left One Direction is because his fiancee, Little Mixer Perrie Edwards, put him under some kind of mystical spell (JK, love you, Perr!). Rather, the witchcraft in question is actually a metaphor for that even more charming quality we like to call FIERCE, BADASS SELF-ASSURANCE.

“But I think the potion is a little connotation for confidence,” Pinnock added. “Just have a little bit of confidence and get your man!”

Now all we need is the girls’ sure-to-be-spellbinding music video, which is reportedly dropping next week, and which we hope will be inspired by some of our fave pop culture witches. “Hocus Pocus” reboot, anyone?