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Reese Witherspoon Was Literally BORN To Play This Disney Character

Meet your brand new Tinker Bell.

One of our very favorite petite movie stars, Reese Witherspoon, is a classic beauty with talent to match (she's an Oscar winner, in case you forgot). Combine those traits with Reese's blonde hair, big blue eyes, and bubbly personality, and what have you got?

Pure magic.

At least, that's what she'll be portraying as the titular character of "Tink," a live-action "Peter Pan" spin-off that's centered on Tinker Bell. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the actress will not only star in, but also produce the project, which is still in development.

While there isn't currently a director on board, Victoria Strouse, who penned the script for the upcoming "Finding Dory," will be taking on writing duties (we're digging the idea of Witherspoon and Strouse as a badass lady filmmaking duo).

Seriously, name another actress who could pull off the fairy look better than Reese. We cannot WAIT for "Tink" to hit theaters sometime in the (hopefully not so distant) future.