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You Can Now Buy A Shirt That Was Once Custom Made For Beyonce

For under $40!

If there's one subject I know very little about, it's combat sports. If there's one I know a lot about, though, it's the clothing that Rihanna and Beyonce wear. Blend the two topics together and you get Roots of Fight—a clothing company focused on the history of boxing, martial arts, etc. that Bey and Rih wear on the regular.

While Rih has worn a number of the men's styles, like this Joe Frazier tee—and even altered another shirt with, I assume, a pair of scissors—Beyonce copped a custom cut for her #ICONIC "7/11" video.

Columbia Records

Bey's Mike Tyson 1984 tee was custom cut for her, but starting today—YAAAS—the same shirt in the same cut will be available on Roots Of Fight's online store. So, yeah, something that was once custom for Beyonce can now be yours for under $40. Done.