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Lady Gaga Has Spent The Last 24 Hours Dyeing Her Hair And Is Documenting Every Single Step

Buh-bye black hair.

In case you haven't heard, going from black to blonde is super, super hard, y'all. If you need proof, look no further than Lady Gaga. Mother Monster has spent the last day making the oh-so-slow transition from her super dark shade to a "clean solid classic blonde." Lucky for us, she has decided to share the entire process on her Instagram for all to see, and TBH, it's not only fun to watch, but it's a great lesson in coloring 101. Seriously! Check it out:

  • Let the dyeing BEGIN.

    Just over 24 hours ago, Lady Gaga kicked off the process with this simple caption: "Let's f------ party." Yasss.

  • 8 hours in: still no bleach (yet).

    After 8 hours (!!!) of loosening her color, it looks like she added a face mask and sunglasses because, um, WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO WHILE SITTING FOR 8 HOURS? "More cigarettes please, and get me my hoes. We haven't even touched the bleach yet." God, we love her.

  • The first reveal!

    Here, it looks like her hair has been lifted from jet black to a medium auburn brown. We're getting there, people. "Keeping the hair healthy and strong. Like long delicious love making. Or more boringly a [turtle emoji]. Slow and steady wins the race." Praying 4 u, Gags.

  • OoOh, now we're gettin' somewhere.

    Finally, a hint of lightness! She claims there's "still #nobleach," which is pretty hardcore. (Also hardcore: that leopard coloring cape.)

  • The bleaching begins.

    Whew. *cracks knuckles* Let's do this or, as Lady Gaga says, "Get the whisky."

  • Lift color, lift!

    Wowowow, after all that time lifting, we finally see some serious color change happening. "We are using a virgin bleach application, NOT balayage. That means 'to sweep' in French, I prefer not to use this kind because it will create a more highlighted look which I don't want. I want a clean solid classic blonde." We like a lady that knows what she wants.

  • The blonde begins its takeover.

    Dudes, this is the definition of progress. The blonde has finally started to get to work.

  • But she's keeping dem roots strong.

    Fun fact: Gaga could moonlight as a colorist. (Well, guessing by the amount of info in this caption she could.) "We kept good control of the bleach by keeping it away from the scalp and virgin roots so the 'cooking' temp doesn't rise or fall unevenly from heat leaving the head and body." Good 2 know.

  • Whew, still at it.

    Her latest update shows the same, slow bleaching process, and in case you're worried about her skin, she said, "Coconut oil keeping my scalp nice and calm." See? We can all rest easy.

  • Gotta tone that ish.

    Four hours after her last update, it's time for toner.

  • Ta-da!

    This is the final result, shared with "no filter." Gaga describes the new color as "a very translucent sparkly white blond" and reveals her hair still feels "very soft."

  • Introducing the woman behind the transformation. Here's Patti Song, Gaga's friend and, NBD, a "blond mad scientist bleach warlock."

Gaga has yet to give us a good look at the ~final product~, but we're pretty excited, to say the least.