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15 Ways Life Has Changed Since Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP

Time flies.

Most of us can remember where we were when we got our favorite album, and when we revisit said album years later, those memories come rushing right back.

On Saturday, May 23, Emimem's diamond-selling The Marshall Mathers LP will celebrate it's 15-year anniversary, and while Slim Shady's second major label album marked a very specific period in hip-hop history, it has also stood the test of time.

When we went back to listen to the Grammy Award-winning rap classic, we couldn't help but reminisce on where we were back in the year 2000. The world was much different then, and here are 15 ways how.

  1. You Were Definitely Still Buying CDs
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    Apple didn't launch iTunes until January 2001.

  2. "TRL" Ruled

    Ah, the good ol' days.

  3. If You're A Guy, You May Have Dyed Your Hair Blonde
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    Em didn't just influence the music, he birthed an entire style, as well. There were a lot of Slim Shadys.

  4. Jim Carrey's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" Was The Movie You Had To See
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    "The Grinch" was the highest grossing film of 2000, bringing in a cool $260 million. Chances are your parents took you to see it.

  5. Kobe And Shaq Were Your NBA Heroes
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    The Los Angeles Lakers were the 2000 NBA champions and it's a safe bet that you were rooting for these larger-than-life basketball stars.

  6. 'NSYNC Had That Pop Song That You Couldn't Escape

    As an Em fan, you probably thumbed your nose at 'NSYNC, but Justin Timberlake and company were inescapable. Whether you loved them or loved to hate them, they were in your world.

  7. You Probably Had a Motorola Two-Way Pager

    Three 6 Mafia's "2-Way Freak" didn't come out until 2001, but all the cool kids had their two-way pagers at least a year before.

  8. You Still Said "Phat" To Describe Something Good

    "I like the sh-t you did with Rawkus too, that sh-t was phat," Em rapped on "Stan."

  9. These Were The Newest Air Jordans

    The AJ XV weren't the most popular Air Jordan model, especially since His Airness wasn't playing professional ball at the time. Still, they were a kind of a thing, right?

  10. 50 Cent Was Still The "How To Rob" Guy

    Back in May 2000, 50 Cent was still on the mend from being shot nine times. His biggest hit at the time was still 1999's "How To Rob," but things would change when Em signed him in 2002.

  11. "Final Destination" Changed How You Thought About Flying

    Still relevant every time I fly.

  12. We Were All Fascinated By Tony Soprano
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    "The Sopranos" cleaned up at the 2000 Emmy Awards, winning 10 statues. The late James Gandolfini changed the way we all looked at gangsters.

  13. We Were Saying Goodbye To Cory And Topanga

    The last episode of "Boy Meets World" aired in May 2000; little did we know, Cory and Topanga would return to us as parents with "Girl Meets World" 14 years later.

  14. "Harry Potter" Was The YA Series You Loved
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    The first "Harry Potter" film didn't drop until 2001, but the books caused a frenzy at Barnes & Noble way before the movies did at the box office.

  15. J. Lo's Versace Dress Was A Big Deal

    This feels pretty tame compared to some of the threads we saw at this year's Met Gala.