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You'll Never Guess Lil Wayne's Favorite Prison Meal

Ja Rule and Wayne's FaceTime chat is interesting.

Ja Rule and Lil Wayne FaceTime just like the rest of us.

When they do, they can chat about being chart-topping stars or less glamorous shared experiences like their time spent in prison. It looks like that's what happened in a clip Ja's son Jordan dropped on Instagram May 13.

In the clip, Rule asks Weezy to break down his favorite prison meals. If you remember, both Wayne and Rule caught separate gun cases (and eventually served time) after a show they both performed at in 2007.

"On Tuesdays and Thursdays, that was the only day we’d get chicken,” Wayne said. “Ramen noodles, you’d crunch them bitches up. You’d get you some Doritos. You'd crunch the Doritos up in a bag and you pour the Ramen noodles in there.”

It seems like there’s more to this recipe, though. The clip runs out just when Weezy mentions beef jerky. Will we ever get the full recipe?

With their prison woes behind them, Weezy and Rule are busy working. Lil Wayne is currently cooking up his Free Weezy Album and Ja Rule's prepping his "Follow The Rules" TV show which is set to air on MTV. Last year, he also announced an upcoming Genius Loves Company LP.