Watch Zedd Chopper 50 Fans In To The Ultimate Outdoor Listening Party

Next stop, Niagara?

With reporting by Chris Kim

When you think Grand Canyon, you might think trips with the family -- you know, if you live in a '50s sitcom. You probably don't think: epic listening party with a electro superstar.

But that's exactly what Zedd threw the other week to give his fans a sneak peek at his track "Done With Love," off of his new record, True Colors. Big party. In nature. Amazing.

“Not every song is made to be listened to in a club,” the musician told MTV News. “For me, in my mind, every song has a color. I wanted my fans to be in a place that represents the color and the emotion I feel when I listen to the song.”

"Done With Love," in case you were wondering, is teal.

Up until his record dropped on May 18, Zedd had been bringing select fans to secret locations across the country to experience each track on his record -- including The Stanley Hotel (the place that inspired “The Shining”) in Denver, Alcatraz Island in San Francisco and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Fifty fans were chosen to attend the Grand Canyon event -- to which they were flown on a helicopter -- including MTV News, who tagged along.

“I wanted it to be the most epic event, and the Grand Canyon is the most epic event," Zedd said. "It’s the most epic event we could think of.”

To get a look at how it all went down, check out the video up thereabouts.