'Scream': What Is The Cast Up To Nearly 20 Years Later?

It's all part of the game, you know?

"Do you like scary movies?"

It's impossible to hear that question and not think of "Scream," the seminal teen horror flick of the '90s. It reinvented the genre for a new generation, introduced the world to its iconic creepster Ghostface and it's even responsible for giving us "Dawson's Creek." (The film's success made Kevin Williamson a popular guy.)

It's been nearly 20 years since the Woodsboro murders, and with a TV revival just around the corner, we're looking back on "Scream" and seeing what the cast is up to today. So without further ado, here's what the "Scream" cast is up to in 2015:

  • Neve Campbell (Sidney) then...

    As the tortured female protagonist of the "Scream" franchise, Sidney Prescott is Ghostface's #1 target. Ultimately, though, it's this Woodsboro High student who has to get her hands bloody.

  • Neve Campbell now...
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    Neve broke into the mainstream thanks to a starring role on "Party of Five." She's starred in all four "Scream" films and she took home the MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance for "Scream 2." Neve most recently played McDreamy's sister on an episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

  • David Arquette (Dewey) then...

    As the local deputy sheriff, Dewey is a bit of a (lovable) bumbling idiot. With a serial killer on the loose, his goal is protect his sister Tatum and her best friend Sidney.

  • David Arquette now...
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    David also appeared in all of the "Scream" sequels alongside his then-wife Courteney Cox. A long time horror fan, David made his directorial debut with 2007's "The Tripper." He's currently married to entertainment reporter Christina McLarty, and they have a child together.

  • Courteney Cox (Gale) then...

    Gale Weathers is a reporter covering the Woodsboro murders. She forms a bond with Sidney as they both try to figure out who's behind the murders -- without getting themselves killed.

  • Courteney Cox now...
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    When "Scream" premiered in 1996, Cox was already a household name. After all, she starred on the hit NBC sitcom "Friends" as Monica Geller from 1994-2004. Post-"Friends," Courteney went on to star in "Cougar Town," which celebrated its series finale this past season. Courteney married her "Scream" co-star David Arquette in 1999. They have a daughter named Coco. The couple are now divorced, and Courteney is currently engaged to Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid.

  • Skeet Ulrich (Billy) then...

    Sidney’s boyfriend Billy is a bit of creep from the get-go, so it's not really a surprise when he's revealed to be one of the two murderers behind the Ghostface mask. He totally deserved his epic death.

  • Skeet Ulrich now...
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    After "Scream," Skeet appeared in the 1997 film "As Good as It Gets" with Jack Nicholson. He's worked consistently on television ever since, appearing on shows like "Jericho," "CSI: NY," and the short-lived "Law & Order: LA." He was most recently cast on the recently revived A+E drama "Unforgettable."

  • Drew Barrymore then...
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    As Ghostface's first (and arguably, most memorable) victim, it's hard to forget Casey Becker.

  • Drew Barrymore now...
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    After "Scream," former child star Barrymore continued her Hollywood success by starring in major movies like 1998's "The Wedding Singer," 1999's "Never Been Kissed," 2000’s "Charlie’s Angeles" and 2003's "Charlie's Angeles: Full Throttle." Now a mother of two, Drew is still acting, but she's also found a new passion: mommy blogging.

  • Matthew Lillard (Stuart) then...

    Although he may seem like an innocent spaz, Stu is anything but. In fact, he's effing crazy! Stu goes along with his best friend Billy's slasher film-like murder spree after marathoning a few too many horror movies, and nearly bleeds out in an attempt to frame Sidney's dad for the murders. Not cool, bro.

  • Matthew Lillard (Stuart) now...
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    After his "Scream" success, Matthew starred in a number of iconic teen movies -- like "She's All That," "Summer Catch" and "Scooby-Doo." More recently, Matthew appeared starred in "The Bridge" with Diane Kruger and NBC's "State of Affairs" alongside Katherine Heigl. On a personal note, Matthew is married to Heather Helm and they have three children together.

  • Rose McGowan (Tatum) then...

    Tatum is Sidney’s best friend, Dewey’s little sister and Stu's girlfriend. She's also the most popular girl in school, which makes her horrific murder quite the coup for Ghostface.

  • Rose McGowan now...
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    Rose followed up "Scream" with 1999's cult class "Jawbreaker." She then went on to star in "Charmed" from 2001-2006. Since then, she's worked on numerous TV shows, from "Nip/Tuck" to "Once Upon a Time."

  • Henry Winkler (Principal Himbry) then...

    As the stern authority figure of the film, it doesn't take long for Himbry to get whacked.

  • Henry Winkler now...
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    Best known for playing original "cool guy" Fonzie on "Happy Days," Winkler has been a fixture in Hollywood since the '70s. Most recently, Winkler was cast in a recurring role on USA's "Royal Pains," as Hank and Evan's deadbeat dad Eddy.

"Scream: The TV Series" premieres on MTV on June 30!