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'Batkid Begins' Trailer Is Here To Save The Day, Make You Cry

Little kid, big impact.

No doubt you sat rapt at your computer the afternoon of November 15, 2013, the day an unimaginable number of people came together to make a very young cancer patient's dream come true.

His name is Miles Scott, but you probably know him as Batkid. The Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation organized a day to make Scott feel like a real-life Batman to fulfill his wish, a plan that soon exploded into an event larger than anyone could have wished for. Miles, dressed in a cape and cowl, captured baddies and saved innocent citizens of Gotham City, touching the hearts of those gathered in San Francisco and those obsessively tracking news coverage of Miles' big day.

Now you can relive that November afternoon, via the new documentary "Batkid Begins." Watch the new trailer for the doc, which follows not only Miles' day as Batkid but the journey leading up to the day, and the cultural impact following. What happens when a story of hope goes viral?

Watch the trailer and weep:

"Batkid Begins" also got a brand new poster, featuring triumphant Miles in his batsuit.

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"Batkid Begins" hits theaters June 26.