Want To See A Guy Eat 11,000 Calories Of Ice Cream In 15 Minutes?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for this dude.

By Brittney McKenna

With Memorial Day around the corner, there's a good chance you're counting calories and hoping to get that elusive beach body. If that's the case, you probably shouldn't take any diet tips from this dude, who built an 11,000-calorie (by his estimation) ice cream sundae and ate it in under 15 minutes, because internet:

Thirty scoops of three different flavors of ice cream, 17 toppings (the usual suspects, minus the unexpected but artful addition of chocolate hazelnut Pirouette cookies) and one giant baking bowl make for the biggest sundae we've ever seen -- but it's no match for competitive eater Matt Stonie, who destroys the monstrosity in the time it takes most of us to eat a normal meal.

Stonie is no stranger to superhuman feats of eating, though, as his previous exploits include devouring "Burritozilla" in under 2 minutes, downing 120 Chicken McNuggets and tackling "The Rock's 'Legendary Cheat Meal' Challenge."

"You know who's not going to be hitting the beaches this summer?" Stonie laughs in the ice cream video. But hey, we'd take ice cream over the beach any day.