Reality TV, Paranormal Powers And New Jersey: Get A Peek At 'The Devil And Winnie Flynn'

We've got a look at the cover.

Books. Comics. Horror. If you like one -- or ALL -- of these things, you're going to need to go ahead and pick up "The Devil And Winnie Flynn," a YA book/graphic novel hybrid from brother/sister duo Micol and David Ostow.

The book -- written by Micol and illustrated by David -- centers around 17-year-old Winnie Flynn, a closet horror fan who, after her mother's suicide, is recruited by her late mom's friend to work on a reality TV over the summer in New Jersey. The show, "Fantastic, Fearsome," has to do with paranormal mysteries -- which is funny because she has one of her own: she can physically detect lies.

The book is formatted as a series of letters to a friend, with illustrations by David that carry the story along. We have an exclusive look at one of those pictures today: namely, the cover. Check it:

"If you look closely at the cover, you’ll see an image ghosted onto the wall behind Winnie," David told MTV News. "This image is the introductory drawing (or 'frontispiece' to use a fancy art history word) for Act 3 of the book, which takes place in the Pine Barrens, a large uninterrupted swath of forest believed by many to be the home of the New Jersey Devil, whose legend is central to Micol’s story."

"What I love about the ghosted image against the wall is that it’s there, and it has an undeniable impact, but it’s not obvious at all," Micol said. "Rather than screaming 'comic!' the cover, like (I hope!) the book, has layers, nuance, and more going on that even the first glance would suggest."

"The Devil And Winnie Flynn" hits shelves in October 13.