The 'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Trailer By The Numbers

From passionate kisses to psychotic doctors, we're breaking it all down.

We don't know what's worse in the world of "Teen Wolf" -- a dead pool listing all of our favorite characters or a bunch of so-called "Doctors" who look like they came from the masterminds behind "Saw." (Warning: Don't click that link. Seriously.)

That's right: The trailer for the upcoming fifth season of the hit series is finally here and, in it, the small town of Beacon Hills is being threatened by a team of torturous medical staffers. Thankfully, there's also a fresh, new face (and six-pack): lone wolf Theo, better known as Cody Christian from "Pretty Little Liars." The interesting caveat? He's new to us, but he may not be so new to the high school gang. THE SUSPENSE.

Now take a more in-depth look at what’s to come with our "TW" by-the-numbers breakdown:

  • 1 Shirtless Shot Of The New Kid On The Block

    The perfect antidote for fear? Lycanthrope abs. They’re pretty much our favorite thing in the history of ever.

  • 2 Passionate Kisses In The Rain

    For anyone who was concerned (*raises hand*), the Scira and Stalia ’ships still seem to be going strong!

  • 3 Creepy Ticking Clocks

    Does this mean time’s running out for our favorite supernatural heroes? Say it ain’t so. (Please.)

  • 4 Instances In Which Stiles Loses His Cool

    Hey, we'd go off the deep end too if we spent the better part of our teen years protecting our friends from death and destruction.

  • 5 Scenes Where Lydia Looks Like She Knows Something

    It appears that the death-predicting banshee is getting institutionalized…but will anyone be around to hear her warning cry?

  • 6 Gallons Of Blood Spilled

    Between bloodied hands and wall splatters, Season 5 doesn't disappoint on the plasma front. And something tells us that no good doctors will be on hand to perform any needed transfusions.

  • 7 Inches Of Hair That Disappeared From Malia's Head

    The feisty were-coyote and love interest of one Stiles Stilinski is rocking a new 'do this season. We dig it!

  • 8 Dead Birds

    We're just guesstimating here, but several of Beacon Hills' finest feathered friends seem to be deceased. Where's Dr. Deaton when you need him? Oh -- posing questions nobody can answer and inspecting giant teeth.

  • 9 Terrifying Doctors

    Please excuse us while we go say, "Ahhhh," somewhere else.

+ Now for the most important number of all — 39 days 'til the Season 5 premiere -- so be sure to tune in on Monday, June 29 at 10/9c, and stay with MTV News for "TW" updates! And check out a special clip below of the one and only Tyler Posey eating some wings -- and offering a very special reveal.