You Can't Look Away From This Granny Breaking It Down To A Beatboxer

She could definitely school you in a dance contest.

By Tom McKay

Apparently, age really is just a number.

At a street show by Algerian beatbox artist Power Beat in Brussels, Belgium, passersby were given an astonishing show when a woman old enough to be a grandmother took a break from walking her dog to totally break it down.

Seriously, she kills it -- without even having to drop her dog poop bag:

How many of you whipper-snappers could pull a crowd that big out of nowhere with just your dance chops? Those are the kind of moves you're more likely to see at a Skrillex concert than an old folks' home, but this woman won't let age hold her back. Perhaps in her younger days she used to be a cabaret dancer.

This is also a nice reminder that you shouldn't stereotype the elderly. They might just humiliate you on dance floor.