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Here's How Nicki Minaj's Ex Handled Her Adoring Male Fans

And there are lots of them.

We've seen how Nicki Minaj's famous new boyfriend, Meek Mill, has been handling his relationship with her: With plenty of PDA -- both in person and digitally. But what about her former flame, longtime boyfriend Safaree "SB" Samuels?

"It's different if you're a female; it's not good to be in a relationship," Safaree told VladTV, referring to why they kept their private life so private.

Still, anyone paying attention knew that the two had a long history together -- which, of course, didn't stop male fans from swooning over the rap star. But SB says he just learned to deal with it.

"I got numb to it really quick, though," he said. "There was still some stuff that would happen that would bother me, then after a while -- I don't know, with me, I get over stuff really quick. I don't know where I get it from; I thank God for that ability. But it's not easy."

There's one incident in particular that he recalled, from a 2012 concert, where a male fan ran onstage an attempted to embrace Nicki. He was quickly tackled by security.

"That happened because he just ran onstage and grabbed her," he explained. "We're supposed to be the only ones up there and somebody's lunging at you onstage? You gotta take care of that. That was kind of ridiculous, but it happened."

There was no lawsuit, and SB eventually saw the guy post something online -- which put him a bit at ease, since the incident had been weighing on his mind.

"The kid who did it, he hit me up on Instagram, and I just hit him back like, Yo, it's all good, man; it's peace, it's love, I ain't tripping off of that," he said. "I'm glad that he did that, because that always kind of was over my head a little bit sometimes. I used to be thinking about it like, and be like, I wonder what ever happened to that dude and where he was at. 'Cause I didn't know if he got arrested, or if he was on probation and he violated it and got locked up or whatever. He was in the wrong, he shouldn't have did that, but I still was curious about it."