Thanks, Dave: Here's How Your Fave Celebs Said Goodbye To Letterman

Warm goodbyes from Lena Dunham, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, and more.

David Letterman ended his 33-year reign over latenight with an emotional final episode last night (May 20), and as we mourn his departure, Hollywood mourns with us.

While some celebs joined Dave onstage for a final, farewell Top 10 countdown, many, many others were saying their own goodbyes, onscreen and on the internet. Below, we round up the best ways that our favorite stars said #ThanksDave.

  • Dave's fellow latenight hosts were the first to wish him a warm farewell, starting with Jimmy Kimmel.
  • And Conan O'Brien was joined by Patton Oswalt in begging "Conan" viewers to change the channel and watch Dave's last "Late Show" instead.
  • Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks got emotional, fast.
  • Jessica Alba got nostalgic for the time she made a "Late Show" appearance for two.
  • Gina Rodriguez had fond memories of her first big latenight break.
  • Mindy Kaling waved goodbye on Twitter.
  • Amy Schumer did, too!
  • And Lena Dunham...
  • And Cobie Smulders, who sent a formal salute from the interwebs.
  • Some celebs shared amazing vintage clips of their appearances. Behold, Cindy Crawford!
  • And Gwen Stefani!
  • And of course, Dave got a great send-off from a bunch of Presidents: past, present, and (dare we say?) future.
  • Admittedly, not everyone was feeling good about the end of Letterman. NFLer Tom Crabtree seems a little bitter.
  • And Betty White is straight-up making threats.
  • And Norm MacDonald went on the record: Dave's legacy will have no equal, ever.
  • Although there is an heir to the throne, apparently. Maybe. POSSIBLY.

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