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12 Years After The 'Buffy' Finale, Sarah Michelle Gellar Remembers An 'Incredible Journey'

You'll forever be our hero, SMG.

Just how incredible were the seven epic seasons of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," one of television's finest shows ever?

Pretty incredible. Even "Buffy" herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, agrees.

On the 12th anniversary of the "BTVS" series finale-- which aired May 20, 2003 -- our eternal hero SMG took to both Twitter and Instagram and paid homage to the role of a lifetime.

"12 years ago, I said goodbye to a friend," she wrote in an Instagram post. "It was an incredible journey that I am so incredibly proud of. Thank you all for joining me, and continuing to tell her story #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #BTVS"

Tears. Just, tears.

Then, because one emotional dose of nostalgia simply wasn't enough, SMG commemorated the occasion on Twitter (though she did throw in a much-needed a dash of humor).

Sarah, you might be a flawless actress, wife, and mom of two IRL, but to us, you'll always be the "Chosen" One.