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Hey Jay Z, Can We Get Eminem's 'B-Sides' Show Next? 23 Songs We'd Love To See Shady Perform

Let's do this, Jay.

Watching Jay Z's incredible "B-Sides" performances this past weekend got us thinking. What if the concert series continued with other MCs? Could you imagine the possibilities? Well, we did.

Eminem is one MC that we'd love see in a "B-Sides" setting. Picture this: Em has a sold-out show in a cozy Detroit venue. Fans pack the house to watch Slim Shady perform classic b-sides from his iconic discography with a photo of his childhood home as the backdrop. It's just perfect.

The possibilities for this show are endless but we gathered 23 Eminem b-side cuts that we'd love to see live. This is what that concert would sound like:

  1. 'Renegade'

    What better way to pass the torch? This Blueprint classic would serve as the perfect opener as Jay would pass the "B-Sides" baton to another rap GOAT.

  2. 'Rock Bottom'

    Clearly Eminem's escaped the poverty and desperation he rhymed about on this song. Listening to these heartfelt, frustrated rhymes in 2015 would be a triumphant reflection that we'd love to see.

  3. 'Infinite'

    Longtime Em fans love Infinite, the project he dropped before transforming into Slim Shady, and this track would ignite that project's nostalgia like none other.

  4. 'Premature Birth'

    One of Jay's best "B-Sides" moments was a freestyle. For Em, reliving classic frees like this one between songs would simply be epic.

  5. 'Role Model'

    1999's The Slim Shady LP is still one of Em's best projects. The debut had major hits like "My Name Is..." and "Guilty Conscience." While "Role Model" was also a single, it didn't make as many waves as the other two. Still, it'd be perfect for this setting.

  6. 'Busa Rhyme' ft. Missy Elliott

    Before many people even knew who Slim Shady was, Missy dedicated a whole track on 1998's Da Real World to showcasing Em's unbelievable rhyme skills. He never stopped bustin' rhymes. Thanks for this kickstart, Missy!

  7. 'Get You Mad'

    When Eminem emerged, these type of rhymes helped Slim stand-out. "Get You Mad" features humor mixed with references to pop culture that became a staple in Em's rhymes.

  8. 'Greg'

    Sway and Tech's "Wake Up Show" is a gold mine. Here's a gem from that treasure chest. Em's known for being offensive and technical with his verses. Both qualities are on display here. Any longtime fan will immediately lose it to this flashback.

  9. 'Roman’s Revenge' ft. Nicki Minaj

    I mean, you gotta have Nicki here, right? If you doubted Minaj's greatness before this, "Roman's Revenge," like "Monster," proved she could rhyme with the best of 'em. Plus, how great would it be to see Slim and Nicki on the same stage? Classic moment in the making.

  10. 'Shady CXVPHER'

    We were going to have "Youth" here, but why not get more up-to-date with these freestyles? The "Shady CXVPHER" would be the perfect way to do it. Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Em doing this live would be enough to shut everything down.

  11. 'My Words Are Weapons'

    After seeing Slaughterhouse, you gotta get D-12 on stage too. D-12 had hits with "Purple Pills" or rather "Purple Hills" and "My Band," but b-side songs like "My Words Are Weapons" solidified their Dirty Dozen grime and ferocity.

  12. We would really have to "calm down, relax" and "start breathing" if this happened. Dr. Dre might not be easy to get on a stage nowadays, but how great would it be to see him emerge for this occasion?

  13. 'What's The Difference?' ft. Dr. Dre, Xzibit

    How can you have Em and Dre together without doing "What's The Difference?" You can't. This would have to go down. And X would be the next surprise guest.

  14. 'Don’t Approach Me' ft. Xzibit

    While we have X on stage, this would actually be perfect. Em and X, an unlikely but masterful combo, eventually had a bit of a falling out. But it would be pretty dope to see them reunite for a rendition of this track here.

  15. 'We All Die One Day' ft. 50 Cent, Obie Trice, Lloyd Banks

    "We All Die One Day" is another relentless cut. The energy in the room would get even more amped up with Em's intricacy, Banks' punchlines and Obie's grit. Plus, who can forget Tony Yayo's ad-libs here?

  16. 'Go To Sleep' ft. DMX, Obie Trice

    People often overlook this track, but it's a high-energy banger where Em, Obie and X wild out. Clearly, it would also a great excuse to see the unexpected legendary photo of Eminem and DMX on stage together.

  17. 'Off The Wall' ft. Redman

    One of Eminem's favorite MCs joined him on this slept-on cut. As Reggie Noble and Slim Shady trade bars, you see how they truly embody the song's title.

  18. “Patiently Waiting” ft. 50 Cent

    2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' is still seen as one of the genre's greatest albums of all time. This song may not have made the splash that "Wanksta" and "In Da Club" made, but it's an incredible 1-2 punch from Gatman and Robbin.

  19. '8 Mile'

    Okay, so "Lose Yourself" took all of the "8 Mile" film's thunder, but "8 Mile" was also a really dope song. You gotta have a track from the movie's soundtrack and this one's perfect for this event.

  20. 'Speedom (Wwc2)' ft. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko

    Would the world be ready for this? Em, Tech and Krizz would no doubt deliver a rapid-fire performance that would bring the house down. After listening to how they chopped on this track countless times, we want to see it live even more.

  21. 'Drop The World' ft. Lil Wayne

    This was a major track on Lil Wayne's 2010 album Rebirth but it'd be great just to see Weezy and Shady share the stage with a live band to back their high-energy performances.

  22. 'Fight Music' As Part Of D-12

    A D-12 reunion on stage would be as dope as seeing Roc-La-Familia at Jay's show. Tragically, it would have to be done without the late Proof, but it would still be a powerful moment to bring us full circle to Em's Day 1 homies.

  23. 'Til I Collapse'

    Make this Em's encore. Although it isn't one of Slim's major singles, it's still one of his most beloved tracks. Sadly, Nate Dogg wouldn't be able to perform this with him, but it would be huge to see Slim rock it as a type of tribute to the late great singer.

Come on, Jay. Let's make it happen.