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Miley Cyrus Has A Tiny New Pet And It's Seriously Adorable

Meet Shanti Om BB and prepare to SQUEEEE.

You might have noticed that Miley Cyrus' notoriously bonkers Instagram has been a whole lot cuter recently, thanks to a new addition to the singer's ever-expanding family of pets: a seriously tiny white kitten named "Shanti Om BB."

Mama Miley welcomed the adorable bundle to the world a couple of weeks ago, when she posted this pic and captioned: "Meet the newest member of the fam."

Since then, she's posted countless cute pics and videos of her newest addition, whose name references a religious peace mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism (not the "BB" part, obviously). And is it just us, or could this little kitten totally be mistaken for a Gremlin?

Let's not encourage Miley to feed it after midnight, just in case.

In true Miley fashion, the posts also got a little... creative.

However, this latest one from today (May 20) is just plain creepy.

And, if you just can't get enough of that super cute Shanti Om BB face, rest assured: the itty bitty kitty has its very own Instagram you can follow!

Umm, okay.

Miley, just keep doin' you, girl. And welcome to the family, Shanti Om BB!