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From 1D To BSB, The Top 10 Boy Band Moments From Letterman's 'Late Show'

Hanson and Jo Bros and Backstreet, oh my!

Longtime “Late Show” host David Letterman is bidding adieu with his final show tonight, marking the end of an era in late-night television. During recent years, a new wave of hosts have marked their territory on other networks, including Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and James Corden. And while they’ve each carved out their own unique niches and bring their own special skills to late night, they have one thing in common: being influenced by the comedy, class, and talent that Letterman so perfectly executed.

During his 33-year run as the “Late Show” host, Letterman treated us to loads of memorable musical moments. Yesterday, we recapped the show’s most epic rap moments, and today, we’re using Letterman’s Top Ten list format to highlight the 10 best boy band performances and appearances. Check it out:

  1. Joe Jonas performs an enchanting Jonas Brothers medley.

    The middle Jo Bro gave us all the nostalgic feels with these solo takes on classic JB hits like “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and “Hello Beautiful.” SWOON.

  2. One Direction performs a goosebump-worthy rendition of “Little Things.”

    The band gathered in their infamous “Little Things” setting, perched upon giant speakers while showcasing those chilling harmonies and making us melt with cute little smiles at each other (exhibit A: Narry at 2:14!).

  3. Letterman gets starstruck in front of Hanson.

    In this vintage “MMMBop”-era clip, Letterman hilariously recalls a time he broke down and got nervous in front of the three long-haired cuties, asking them backstage if they would sign his boxers.

  4. “Glee” star Matthew Morrison owns up to his boy band past.

    Yep, Mr. Schue was once in an awesomely cheesy fake boy band called Fresh Step, which was created to make fun of legit groups like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. The embarrassing throwback clip is definitely worth the watch.

  5. The Wanted give fans a fun performance to remember.

    When the British lads came on the show to perform their mega-hit “Glad You Came,” they showed off their silly sides, busting out goofy dance moves and mingling with the crowd mid-song. Nathan Sykes spent almost the whole time hugging audience members, taking selfies, and establishing himself a bonafide fan-favorite frontman (hmm…no wonder he’s the first one going solo).

  6. Grown-up Hanson gets funky with “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin.’”

    In case you’re one of the many people who probably wrote this trio of bros off after their ‘90s heyday, rest assured Hanson are still around and churning out soulful tunes, like this danceable, cowbell-heavy hit from 2010.

  7. The Jonas Brothers read the Top Ten surprising facts about themselves.

    The boys were more than game to make fun of themselves, self-deprecatingly taking jabs at their innocence and youth while joking about how Angelina Jolie once tried to adopt them. Another favorite: “Often we are astonished by how adorable we are.”

  8. Dustin Hoffman kisses Niall Horan on the mouth.

    When One Direction made their “Late Show” debut in 2012, they were joined by an honorary sixth member: veteran actor Hoffman, who walked out with them, passionately smooched little Niall, and then casually strolled off the stage, leaving us all utterly stunned.

  9. Backstreet Boys parody their songs in a hilarious Top Ten list.

    In 2013, the guys regrouped on “Letterman” to rework their most classic hits — for instance, “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, I have very low standards.”

  10. Boyz II Men set the gold standard for boy band sexiness.

    UM, WOW. That’s all there really is to say about this impassioned rendition of “I’ll Make Love to You,” which was so dang sexy that even watching it on TV probably impregnated half the women in the country. The guys flaunted their amazing vocals and harmonies, even sporting matching outfits (white turtlenecks, navy blue blazers, and tan pants — remember, this was 1994), and capping it off with a synchronized bow at the end. This is how it’s DONE, y’all.