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Move Over Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga Wants To Have Sex With This Car

Vroom vroom.

Watch out Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga is fixing to cheat on you... With a car. We kid you not.

"I just wanna take my panties off and do this car," Gaga wrote on Instagram, sharing a video and photo of her new '65 Lincoln Continental.

"I have not been forthcoming about my car addiction," she wrote. "Admission is the first step. This is my new '65 Lincoln Continental. All original. I'd like to slam it but we'll see. This car is bad as f--k."

I'm not really sure how one does a car, but maybe Christie Sims, who writes all those dinosaur erotica novels, could try her hand at a spin-off series.

Gaga is engaged to be married to Kinney -- and has the GIANT STONE to prove it -- but it looks like she'll always have a dude on the side. Of the road, that is. Or something. [Insert throttle joke here.]